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Home (literally)

Pet Policy-

Well-behaved, well-trained, parasite-free adult dogs are allowed.
1. Clean up after your pet - inside and out. It is fine to toss dog poop into the woods, as long as it’s off the grass/yard.
2. You may leave your pet unattended in the unit ONLY if it is kenneled or if you are certain it will not damage anything or bark incessantly. You must bring your own kennel, if you need one.
3. Any cleaning or damage costs will be taken out of your deposit.

I need to say something up-front- for those folks who are very picky/offended by dog poop. My house is way back off the main road and surrounded by woods. My dogs run free most of the time. That means I am not usually with them when they poop. I work full time, so while people are vacationing here, I'm usually working normal work days. I try to walk around and clean up after my dogs when I get home from work. I don't expect my guests to clean up after my pets; however, if it's offensive to you to see the poop there before I get home, you may have to just clean it up to maintain your sanity. But, I'll do my best to get it when I get home. Also, I provide wonderful, one-handed "pooper scoopers" for each unit, and I prefer just tossing it into the woods instead of filling little plastic bags that will just fill the landfills....

Information about pets on area beaches

Note: I'm learning as I go, and there are a few little insights I'll share with you....

1. Pet owners have no way to know that their pets/dogs are quiet while they're gone. Think about it.... How would they know? I'm learning that EVERYONE believes his/her dog doesn't bark when left alone. And, I'm finding that most do, in fact, bark quite a bit. Golly- they're alone in a strange place... what do we expect??

2. People who allow dogs on their furniture at home seem to believe the "no dogs on the furniture" rule is intended for all dogs except theirs.

3. While many people are, in fact, responsible pet owners.. some people just believe they're responsible pet owners.... but it's a fantasy....

So- my old policy is listed at the bottom of the page... but here's the new pet policy:

In reference to #1, if you truely believe your dog doesn't bark while you're gone, and if you're willing to risk your security deposit, it's OK with me if you leave the dog in the apartment alone while you're out. However, if your dog barks repeatedly and disturbs other renters or the residents of the house, you get ONE warning. A second disturbance means you forfeit your security deposit. A third disturbance means your barking dog(s) vacates the premises immediately- even if it means you have to go home.....

I really want these apartments to be pet-friendly. But there are two rentals, plus I live here. A barking dog at 10pm (or 1:30 am) isn't fair to anyone else in the house.

So, the rule is, NO BARKING/DISTURBANCE AFTER 8:30 pm or before 8:00 am.

The rule is that your pet can't disturb others in the house. My suggestion would be to introduce yourself to the other guests, give them your cell number, and ask them to contact you immediately if your pet bothers them.... (That way, I won't hear the complaint....)

In reference to #2, if you allow your dogs on your furniture at home, please bring plenty of "throws" to cover sofas, chairs, beds, etc. Any signs that your dogs have been on the furniture will result in loss of your pet deposit. If you're careful, come prepared, and clean well, we'll get along fine. It's OK to use extras in the apartment for throws- if you launder them when you're finished.

In reference to #3, when you take your dogs out to potty, please walk them down the road- not in the neighbor's yard. And, please pick up after your dog.

Old Pet Policy-- (which didn't prove to be very effective)

The apartments/rooms in my house are fine for "reasonable" pets. However, you will be held responsible for any damages done by your pet while you're here.

If your pet barks or in any other way goes nuts when left alone, then you'll need to take your pet with you whenever you leave the place. If, however, your pet will patiently await your return without disturbing everyone else's peace... AND without destroying the furniture, carpets, or other things, then it's fine for your pet to stay while you're gone.

Please keep pets OFF sofas and other furniture, except beds. Since the sheets, duvets, etc. will be laundered anyway, I don't mind if your pet sleeps with you.

129B is designated as a "no cats" room- trying to keep one as a place where folks allergic to cats can come. I also restrict to non-shedding-type dogs in that room- for the same reason.

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