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... comfortable, affordable, and quiet - great places to bring your family or to come for a peaceful (or romantic!) getaway for one or several couples or friends...just minutes from Nags Head on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Home (literally)

Let's GO GREEN!!

The more we can do to save energy and save the earth, the more we're helping ourselves and future generations. These are suggestions; they are NOT requirements.

1. I have a recycle container at the end of my driveway- near the trashcans. They take everything except wood. They prefer it NOT be sorted, but they seem to be OK also if people sort it (seems that sorting is in our basic natures!). Please consolidate as much as possible: flatten cardboard, cans, and plastic jugs, so we can use the can the entire week. They only pick up early on Mondays.

2. I have a composter in the back yard behind Maddie's kennel. You're welcome to add your compost. Please- no meat, dog poop, dairy, etc. Simpy add parts and pieces of fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, etc., if you would like. If you prefer, you may use the containers I've provided and just sit them on my back steps-- and I'll take care of it.

3. Please conserve energy when you can. It's fine to open windows, if you like fresh air. But, please don't turn the AC on high and open all the windows!

4. I try my best to reduce, re-use, and recycle. Almost everything in my entire house was purchased in some sort of discounted manner-- most of it was used.

5. When you're preparing to leave, if you have food items you don't want to take, but they're still good, please leave them. I'll either use them or give them to someone else who can use them.

6. You will find that bicycles are the best way to get around on Roanoke Island- Enjoy them!

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