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... comfortable, affordable, and quiet - great places to bring your family or to come for a peaceful (or romantic!) getaway for one or several couples or friends...just minutes from Nags Head on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Home (literally)

I offer inexpensive, but very nice, vacation rentals on Roanoke Island in a quiet, residential area. Whether you need a place to sleep for a night or two or fews rooms for your family for a week or more, I can offer something for you at an affordable price. During June, July, and August, rentals of less than a week are limited to "last minute". But, please call or email if it's within 7 days and the unit appears to be available. Take a look at some of the pictures before you decide you don't want to stay "in someone's home". Unless you made an effort to see me, you'd never even know I was here! (Note- Mother Vineayard Cottage, owned and run by my daughter and son-in-law has been added this year... check it out!)  And if you change your mind and go check instead for Utah vacation, I can offer you to check out 


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Economy comes at a price of its own! There's no maid service. You are responsible for all the cleaning, but I provide everything you need.

Deck and room

Full Disclosure:

I expect the rooms to be ready for the next person when you leave, but I do inspect and spot clean, as needed. However, I do not check every sheet, every dish, every blanket, every bicycle. every pfd, etc. If you find a problem, please let me know as soon as you find it. I cannot fix it, if I don't know about it.

The bike tires have to be "topped off" with air just about every day. There's nothing wrong with the tires. It's something about the variation in temperatures. But, it just takes a minute, and I provide the pumps! And sometimes the nuts on seats or kick-stands, etc become loose. If a bike has a problem, just park it in front of the garage, so I know I need to fix it. If you put it back in the bike barn or in the garage, I won't know it has a problem-- so it won't ever get fixed!

If you are seriously offended by dog doo in the yard, I need to tell you now that my dogs run loose most of the time- so I'm not with them when they poop. I do wander around the yard most days when I get home from work and pick up the dog poop... but it might sit there for a few hours before I find it. If that's going to be a big issue for you, it's probably better for you to book with someone else. I can't really do much about it; I work full time.

I live by the reduce, reuse. recycle mentality. I offer recycling of most plastics, glass, paper, and cardboard. I have a composting bin for vegetable and fruit scaps, coffee grounds, etc. I don't require that you use these things. (Please- no dog poo in the compost!!) I prefer you use the "pooper scoopers" and toss your dog's dropping into the woods, instead of picking it up with plastic bags and tossing it in the garbage (landfill). But, again, I don't require it.

Most of the furnishings of the rooms are recycled/reused and have come from thrift stores, yard sales, or attics. If you're going to be upset if the pillow cases don't match the sheets or if the towels are not a matched set, you would be well-advised to bring your own linens. But, the ones I provide are all clean and comfortable, and you're welcome to borrow them during your visit!.

I find that folks who "understand" the concepts I live by LOVE these places. But, folks who don't "understand" seem to feel cheated. I try really hard to make sure I don't misrepresent anything. Please ask, if you have even the tiniest question.

Background-- How this all happened!

When I found myself an "empty nester" and almost ready to retire from a 30-year career with national wildlife refuges, I decided to use some of the empty space in my home to share some of the loves of my life with others... So, I added a few outside staircases, built a few walls, and put up an "open for business" sign. The first few seasons have been great fun! I've met a lot of wonderful folks, learned a few things that work... and a few that don't. Once a very nice couple staying with me said, "Bonnie, we love it here-- but not everyone would appreciate what you offer." I replied that I had learned that the folks that wouldn't like staying here usually ended up being the kind of folks I wouldn't want to stay here anyway... I'm not offended if this isn't the way you want to live.... but it's my way of living.

I have been so blessed to live on Roanoke Island (we're the part of the Outer Banks that has real grass!) for over 30 years. And, I believe there's no place like it!

This is NOT a bed and breakfast experience (though several have described it as a bed and breakfast without the 'expensive breakfast'!). It is family-operated, and it's my attempt to share the things I love - especially to folks who might not otherwise be able to visit the area. I offer nice rooms/units for rent with full baths and private entrances. Both have kitchenettes; both have balconies/decks. Both have grills and come with outdoor recreational equipment, including canoes, kayaks, bicycles, beach chairs, umbrellas, etc. Both include linens, washer/dryer, and offer a peaceful break from the hectic pace of the beach-- while providing easy access to all the beach offerings - only 10 minutes away.

My guests repeatedly say, "This is the first time I've come to the Outer Banks and not stayed on the beach.... and I'll never stay on the beach again!!"

My prices are appreciably lower than beach prices. And, you'll love the peaceful atmosphere! Please ask all the questions you like.... Contact me any time!

Burkhart home for sale!!


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